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Study Interior Design To Get Better At Interior Design



It’s amazing how quickly people fall away from the fundamentals. I wish I could write this from a position of power, but the truth is I do the same thing. Just when I think I have a subject mastered, I start moving towards what gets me results now; instead of what always works.

For instance, “creation” does not come from the ether; as many of us are led to believe. For a person to be creative, they need “stuff” in their head from which to draw from. Many writers are diligent about their reading program. They read books on all kinds of subjects, not just the field they’re in.

Many authors believe they get their best ideas when they synthesize ideas from other areas – the same is true in interior design. Go out and study as much as possible, but be aware that you also need to know what your contemporaries are doing; so you can either do the exact opposite, or draw inspiration from them as well.

To start with, check out this list of articles on interior design from and get some learning under your belt before you go off for inspiration.