Exotic Bedding – An Endangered Species?

Once you decide to take a walk on the wild side and decorate a bedroom with animal print and zebra bedding, where will the hunt take you? Animal prints have been popular for so long they’re actually a design classic but that doesn’t mean you can find them everyday. Sometimes it’s like going on a safari to find jungle prints, palm fronds and other exotic bedding themes – you never know where the search will take you but a safari can be fun and who doesn’t love the thrill of the hunt.

One place to prowl for zebra bedding, exotic print rugs and wildlife theme bedding worthy of a jungle queen is Bed Bath & Beyond – they have a large selection of animal prints on everything from sheets to martini glasses – who knew? While the classics are traditional zebra stripes and leopard prints in black and white, things have gotten trendy and you’ll find animal prints in hot pink, bold blue and even some with metallic trim. For something super sophisticated check out the snow leopard duvet cover by Natori – it’s a very subtle animal print but when you think about it, animals camouflage themselves in their surroundings for safety and protection so this particular design is exactly right.

Something else happening right now is the popularity of zebra bedding and animal prints for baby – yes, you can actually find baby blankets and crib bedding with pink or blue zebra stripes – perfect for a little wild child. Exotic animal print and zebra bedding is a happening trend with tweens and teens who seem to migrate to the purple and black or pink and black interpretations – sort of Goth, sort of rock & roll – who can be certain except to know the look is pretty wild. If you’re feeling the call of the wild and you put a little effort into the hunt you’ll find that exotic bedding is alive and well so be alert – it’s a jungle out there!

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