Implant Dentistry Is The Key To Your Misfortune

Accidents occur every minute of every day here in the United States. Whether it’s a car accident, or a fistfight that culminated with teeth being knocked out of someone’s mouth, the point is – dental implants dentists are being sought out now more than ever.

Dental Implants Now in the Bronx

Dental Implants Now in the Bronx

Do not be mistaken, This is not because there is a rise in violence around the country. Far from it.

Violence has actually decreased over the last twenty years. The reality is that dental technology has advanced, and the cost of the technology has decreased. When you add those two factors together, you get an increase in demand for a service was not available to the masses. Cosmetic dentistry is marching in a new dawn, with people realizing that their misfortune can be reversed with one, or two, surgeries. Dental implants require at least two surgeries, but within a few months of starting the process, a patient can walk out of their dentist’s office with a replacement tooth, or teeth, fully embedded in their jaw; a feeling no other dental option can promise.

There are but a few options when dealing with the results of an accident that causes something like your smile to have been changed permanently. You could decide not to do anything, which then means you are walking around with a gap in your teeth. Besides the fact that this makes you stand out when meeting, or speaking with, people in a negative light, the truth is this also affects your oral health. If a gap in your teeth is left without correcting it, causes the surrounding teeth to shift. This shift causes a gap in all the teeth of the gum line the missing tooth was on, and creates a problem grinding food down to be digested properly.

For most people this is not an option worth considering, although there are some who do it, and seem to have no problem with a missing tooth, or several missing teeth. For those of us who are serious about our appearance, the next step would be dentures. This was the best option at one point, and it requires discipline to maintain the prosthetic, while also remembering to stay away from certain foods, and even certain situations that can cause us embarrassment.

The third option are implants. You go through two, or possibly three, minor surgeries, and within a few months you have a replacement tooth that works as well as any real tooth you have in your mouth. In a few months you will forget you even have an artificial tooth.

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