Interior Design Ideas For Chelsea Apartments

Finding the right interior design ideas for any Chelsea apartment can be a challenging experience. You obviously want to find exquisite and luxury decor and furnishings, yet even with a spacious Chelsea apartment, you have to be careful that you do not overcrowd any space within your home. Finding this balance can be difficult, but with the help of a design expert and a few other tips included in this article, we hope to get you started in the right direction.

Obviously you must consider firstly if you want to make any architectural changes to your building or individual rooms. This could be anything from adding a doorway to an existing wall, completely removing the wall or in some cases removing an entire floor. Obviously this is interior design and architecture on a grand scale, but something that you must consider.

Secondly, you must consider the layout of individual rooms and what type of furniture you are hoping to include. Again this is where careful consideration to space and dimensions is necessary. You will find that some furniture may overpower smaller rooms, but in older larger buildings the bigger room sizes and high ceilings can actually cause some pieces of furniture to become lost. This is where an interior designer with the right artisan connections can have bespoke pieces of furniture made to exactly match the dimensions and layout of your room. This is an important factor that many high street department stores simply cannot adapt to.

For the smaller room it may be an idea to go for the more contemporary furniture and of course clean lines. This can help to promote a feeling of space within any room and it is a perfect solution if you have a smaller home. Again an interior designer will be able to guide you to the exact layout and contemporary furniture that will best suit your requirements and desired look.

Of course we cannot leave out the importance of natural light. In some larger scale designs throughout Chelsea and of course other areas of London and the UK, I have seen entire floors removed from certain areas of the building. This then allows for new windows to be designed and installed that run from floor to ceiling of the newly sculpted space. Imagine having the option to draw natural sunlight in a window that is over 10 foot high. Of course not every apartment has these types of possibility, but it is imperative that you consider using and enhancing any natural light within a building.

Obviously I could continue writing about many different ideas. Here we have simply covered some basic ideas and tips as far as architecture, furniture, bespoke furniture and natural sunlight are concerned. But for a wider range of ideas, it is best to check out the website of one of London’s finest interior designers.

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